Orthodox Prayer Ropes Brand Launch

Orthodox Prayer Ropes

From Concept Seed to Dream Business

When I was challenged to take a small dream that someone had and create something magical with it, I jumped at the opportunity. For the owner, the idea was only that. An idea. It needed life. We brought it to life together by outlining a social media marketing strategy, some solid branding, product research as well as primary marketing research for potential revenue speculations.

Smart Marketing

Strategy Distribution

The Client needed to make every dollar count. I accepted this fortunate obstacle and rolled up my sleeves to map out the appropriate level of resources (time, skills) allocated for each piece of the puzzle. Audience size on Twitter and Instagram has increased 300% (average of both platforms) since January, 2021. Conversion tracking is in place and website traffic has seen a significant uptick in engaged visitors (for this project it’s any visitor that stays longer than 59 seconds) since the launch sometime in February.

Content Marketing
Social Media

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