Your Design Sucks

Graphic Flat Design of Website Layout

Words rule. And that’s why your design sucks. Have you ever stopped and thought about why design even exists? It’s to compliment words – not to destroy them. Design will never replace words. Ever. That’s why I use the default WordPress Theme. I don’t spend any significant amount of time strategizing, designing or developing my […]

From Orthodox Daily to Canopi Digital

Before Canopi Digital (Canopi Digital) came into being, the old name was Orthodox Daily. It was created back in the day when SMS and flip phones were the fashion. I wanted a way to text would-be subscribers a daily text alert, similar to the way people used to received weather updates from their mobile carrier […]

How Addiction Ruined My Business

Two men hiking

Update 04/19/2021: I wrote the original piece in 2014. In 2016 I applied for an SEO Specialist position, and they asked me about this very post. To some degree, it was expected. I feel anxious about re-posting here. (Vulnerability & my writing was so much worse back then.) But I’m afraid that if I don’t […]