A Brief History of Orthodox Daily

Before Canopy Digital came into being, the old name was Orthodox Daily. It was created back in the day when SMS and flip phones were the fashion. I wanted a way to text would-be subscribers a daily text alert, similar to the way people used to received weather updates from their mobile carrier providers before there were smartphones.

But in my alert, subscribers would get information about the Orthodox Christian saint-of-the-day, and maybe other abbreviated, edifying content.

Brilliant me, I waited too long and when the iPhone was released I was like, “… little tiny apps?” So I scratched that idea but kept the name.

Here’s a photo of the first comp I ever drew of the Orthodox Daily logo:

The next iteration:


And finally….

Not a bad transition I think. Reggie Tidwell was the author of the final mark. Unfortunately I subjected his amazing talents to my amateur creative direction at the time. I’m sorry Reggie!

I look back at those days, working as freelancer and just “figuring it out” as I went along. But in the end, it was worth it. To any and all those talented people that I worked with back then, I love you, and I apologize for being such a douche bag.

In April of 2015, we rebranded to Canopy Digital, and the rest was history.

Design Marketing

Your design sucks.

Words rule. And that’s why your design sucks. Have you ever stopped and thought about why design even exists? It’s to compliment words – not to destroy them. Design will never replace words. Ever.

That’s why I decided to use the default WordPress Theme and not spend any time designing my own personal website. You know why? Because it’s a waste of time. Have you even seen the amount of “Personal Résumé CV WordPress Themes” there are on the market? For God’s sake it’s like a black market out there. It’s ridiculous. People are afraid of writing words anymore, because people have lost the art of communication.

Your design will never cover up your poorly-written copywrite.

I used to keep my personal website on Unfortunately they were bought out by; we all know how that ended. They charged me $8.99 for dozens and dozens of months. It was a waste of money and time really. There’s no blog feature, or customization. But, it worked for a while until I decided to pull the plug. I learned a lot though.

I learned a lot about the things I didn’t want, or like.

I also learned a lot about time, and how precious it is. We don’t have much of it – so why waste it on sifting through countless “options” of design, or themes, or templates, all because they’re a huge emphasis on “UX” right now? Today it’s “UX”, tomorrow it’s HVLA. (Don’t know what HVLA means? Oh that’s OK, because it will mean something a few years from now, don’t worry.)

It took me all of an hour to set this site up. Partly because I’ve been working in WordPress now for over a decade, but partly because it’s easy as shit. It’s fool proof. Anyone can do it. I also trust Matt and the Automatticians over at WordPress.

Meanwhile, you’re over there figuring out what color to use, or how your Landing Page looks. Idiot.

By the time you even get to this Post, I’ll have already written dozens of articles, on dozens of sites; but why should you care?

Because your design sucks.