Canopi Digital Brand Evolution

Canopi Digital

Digital Storytelling with Colors & Shapes.

When I sought to define who Canopi Digital is, I knew a bold color palette was in my future. The story of their evolution began in 2015. They wanted three things: demonstrate inclusiveness, simplify the mark, and to show their digital capabilities. The original design launched later that year. Now, in 2021, I’ve gone back to my sketch pad for them to push even deeper by striping away the unnecessary layers that were holding them back.

From rough sketch to digital life.

Go easy on me. The viewing experience of the design files isn’t my favorite layout. I played around with a tiled layout and other creative displays to showcase the branding progression. Nothing seemed to work in my favor.

I decided to just ship it instead.

From the original umbrella to the geometric shapes, to the super-bold and more refined current mark, this has been a wonderful project to drive into the halls of visual creativity.

I’ve still got the third and final iteration phase to complete with the Client. In that phase, exact dimensions, layout mockups, and the entire Brand Identity System will be compiled and shown to the Client.

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