This is my personal space. Some of the things I publish might offend you; in fact I’m almost positive that it will. If that’s the case, accept my apologies in advance. Please understand that while I may sound harsh, I’m learning to love the person that I was created to be – myself.

This is my journey now.

I don’t publish as much on my personal site as I do a few others. The content here is a little more personal in nature (as to be expected), so if you’re looking for more business-related, marketing and entrepreneurial content, I recommend checking out the links below.

I’d love it if you checked them out or even subscribed to them. I try to keep the subject matter of each publication fairly narrow. I write about the human side of digital marketing, productivity, and entrepreneurship. There’s enough contrapreneurs and advice on the internet to make you go insane – at least there is for me.

I’m working on a secret project too. I’m really excited about it; I wish I could share it with you now but it’s not ready yet. Soon come. God-willing one of these days I can share it with the world, and you’ll be around to see it.

I’m also the Founder and Chief Strategist of a distributed digital marketing agency, Canopy Digital. Our roots trace back to Asheville, NC, my point-of-origin. Before the branding reboot, we were called Orthodox Daily. I still love that name. Eventually I decided to drop it because everyone thought the company was a Jewish newspaper. I can’t understand why.

I used to be the SEO Specialist at Automatit, Inc. for a short spat in Tucson, AZ until they fired me. In fact I’ve gotten fired from a lot of jobs. I guess it’s God’s way of saying, “Look dumb dumb, you’ve got to be an entrepreneur.”

My energy needs a release.

I’m neurotic. I’ve got that fast-twitch muscle reaction and it keeps me going at full speed all the time. I don’t do medium. I’m either on or off. I’m honest to a fault, and my curiosity is never-ending. Because of those reasons, I created this little corner of the world for myself.

I’d like for it to be a place I can be honest about me experiences, or experiences I’d like to have. Because I feel like if I don’t capture it with words, I’ll implode.

In another way, I want to immortalize my thoughts and pass them down. Perhaps one day in the future, others will find them useful.

Every person has a legacy, and this is mine.


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