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Worth a read if ur a serious blogger, wh

Worth a read if ur a serious blogger, which you should be. Google Analytics A Potential Threat to Anonymous Bloggers –

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WordPress Training Videos

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released a series of six WordPress training videos about how to add posts and/or pages to your WordPress website. Posting (i.e. blogging) is a crucial step in building your Online Enterprise – something that we’ve always encouraged.
How to Create a Post Using WordPress Training Screencasts
In this three-part WordPress training video, I take you through the basics which is:

Your website URL
How to sign in
Understanding what a WordPress Post is

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How to Properly Email Someone in the 21st Century

Email communication in the 21st century is a dying art. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received email that takes me more than five minutes to distinguish what the emailer is trying to say. In my world, time is money and if it takes me more than five minutes to decipher an email, I’m probably going to delete it.

There are ten general guidelines for writing effective emails:

Type a concise subject line
Use a proper salutation
Use proper grammar and sentence structure

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