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Head of Growth, Brand Marketing Strategist, Human.

I’ve been in the marketing game for 10 years. During that time, I discovered three ugly truths (there’s actually a lot more!) in the marketing and startup worlds that people often overlook or flat-out refuse to talk about. Things like culture, agency pricing models, and deceptive marketing practices running rampant. But I’m on a quest to reveal the unknown. This is my body of work.

Body of Work

The Output Stream Project

Years ago I casually created an unofficial workflow and information system now called The Output Stream Project. A few colleagues noticed the unusual way I organize my thoughts. They asked me to document it so they could try and learn how to do it too. So I did.

It’s based on the idea of relentlessly insisting on capturing your stream of consciousness. It’s part note-taking, part accountability modeling, and part information curation.

But when you unpack it, it’s much more than that.

It helped me land exciting marketing positions, acquire new clients, get through my undergrad, and fueled countless idea seeds that turned into profitable businesses.

Now, The Output Stream Project is a newsletter and podcast. I still discuss how to capture content and ideas, but as it matured, I widened the topic scope. I break down media (ad copy and creative)  news and share conversations that I’ve had with brilliant guests you’ve probably never heard of before. (They need recognition too.) We share our lived experiences in marketing, strategy, and business.

Leave a legacy. Discover your body of work. 


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I enjoy exchanging ideas, witnessing beauty, and sharing experiences. Let’s be friends.

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Things I'm good at.


I don't want your marketing to suck. I insist on spending as much time as possible in the strategy phase. I aim to lower your CPC or broker a strategic partnership so you can reach a wider audience. I might even build a from-scratch sales funnels after my media analysis. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs rush strategy. Don't ignore this golden egg.


How many times do you think your potential customer needs to see your messaging before they convert? Five? Six? Statistically its about eight times. I've designed hundreds of content pieces for top, middle and bottom of funnel collateral. Marketing fundamentals begins with a high-conversion funnel. Sadly, this is the part when most startups and new businesses give up and eventually fail.


Civilizations were built on words. Everything born into existence came into this world through a single word. Tragically, the marketing world is dominated by slick UX and UI design trends that are hailed as the sole reason visitors become fans. It couldn't be further from the truth. I extract the essence of a brands core message then craft it into highly-refined copy that drives conversions.


If you think branding is your logo, then we're probably not a good match; however, that doesn't mean you can't launch a startup unless you have an entire identity system. I'll probably catch flack for this, but Fiverr is an excellent place to snap a brand mark as long as you own the strategy behind it. Don't get lured into "going upmarket" and risk losing their business. Words are free.


Function over form. Design supports story. Not the other way around. Is your web designer still using the Latin filler text "Lorem Ipsum?" Then Houston, we've got a problem. With my background in art, it's not uncommon for me to sketch out a wireframe while we're talking about your new eCommerce site. Or scratch our a rough idea for your company's new brand mark.


All roads lead to Rome. Eventually, your would-be customer that saw your Facebook Ad, Instagram Stories or programmatic display ads will find their way to your website. And when they do, what's the goal? Failing to clarify this is the number one mistake of small businesses. SMB's approach me every day and insist they "advertising on Facebook." Websites are a marketing engine.