Confused by endless marketing "options?" You're not alone.

I'm on a quest to tell the ugly truth about marketing & startup culture.

I've been in marketing 10 years & I discovered 3 ugly truths people refuse to talk about.

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, the ugly truths are hurting your business.

Marketing professionals are also being impacted.

I'll tell you the three truths so you can avoid them.

You’ll also learn how “startup culture” impacts your ability to make smart business decisions.

#1 The First Big Truth

Digital media & advertising agencies overcomplicate marketing to keep you hooked.

Marketing is simple. But trendy agencies like to muddy the waters. Mostly because they’re egotistical. Also because they love ambiguous goals. It makes justifying your marketing cost so easy.

Take the quiz to know if you’ve been hoodwinked.

#2 Marketing is the Wild West

Unethical design, deceptive marketing & dark patterns are running rampant.

The internet is a lawless outpost. Designers, Marketers and Analysts use thousands of tools and techniques to track your every click. The “accept our cookies” popup doesn’t educate users. It’s a legal cop-out.

The FTC asserts that it “acts in the interest of consumers to prevent deceptive and unfair acts or practices.” But read the documentation. Huge fail.

Are these scenarios familiar?

#3 Ideas Not Accepted

Culture is eating marketing & startups for breakfast and it's disturbing.

Organizations are afraid. Authentic marketing has suffered at the hands of forced inclusion. Instead of leaning into their brand’s unique market position, they’re caving to the hivemind.

Ask yourself these questions:

Solution: Join the Conversation

Join me each week as I roast industry thought leaders and trendy marketing gimmicks that have robbed startups and entrepreneurs of their dreams.

Raise awareness. We must confront these disgusting changes with healthy discussions or we lose all the benefits gained during the digital adoption period (Pandemic).

* Subscribers get a live website strategy session with me to improve your conversions and capture more leads.

Background & Experience

Your guide to digital life.

I didn’t turn a cold email marketing campaign into billions of dollars. I didn’t get my Client’s targeted keyword string “mens sandles,” the #1 organic SERP during our last SEO campaign. (Shocker) Nor have I been recognized by Awwwards for designing a mind-blowing UX.

But I have done some pretty awesome, practical, things during the last 10 years of my marketing career.

  1. Helped over 250 Clients live their dreams by treating their website like a marketing engine and finding more customers.
  2. Grossed over $1 million dollars in revenue. (Doesn’t that make me a millionaire?)
  3. Transformed and grew my web design freelancing gigs into a full-service marketing agency in three years.
  4. Built a massive repository of marketing approaches and business hacks that can shave years off your learning curve, and your life!
  5. Worked remotely since 2010, long before it was ever a “thing.” My digital workflow and toolkit is sharpened to perfection.
Now I'm on mission to share everything I know about digital marketing with as many people as possible. Client Intake Flows. SEO Campaigns. Agency Accounting and Finance. All of it.
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Say goodbye to boring.

I unequivically detest spam. But do you know one thing that’s even worse than spam?


The worst is when you discover someone new, and sign up for their newsletter (still cautious). Excitement builds. The first email hits your inbox. You cross your fingers and open it, praying you didn’t just waste 10 minutes of your life.


For some reason you don’t unsubscribe. You hope it gets better. But the content remains stale months later.

Has that ever happened to you?

So I created a way to fight against BORING-ASS content like Logan and Mayweather.

With polls, my subscribers easily indicate which marketing, and business, topics they want me to cover.

It’s like I’m your personal assistant.

* I know you already checked the fine print under the other newsletter signup, so what do you expect to find here?

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Vertical Skills

My Wheelhouse


Strategy is my powerhouse. And because I don't want your marketing to suck, I insist on spending as much time as possible in the strategy phase. I aim to lower your CPC or broker a strategic partnership so you can reach a wider audience. I might even build a from-scratch sales funnels after my media analysis. Unfortunately, busy entrepreneurs like to rush strategy, or never do it at all. Strategy is the golden egg amateurs ignore.


Civilizations were built on words. Every thought born into existence came into this world through a single word. Tragically, the marketing world is dominated by slick UX and UI design trends that are hailed as the sole reason visitors become fans. It couldn't be further from the truth. I extract the essence of your organization's core message and craft it into highly-refined web copy that drives conversions.


Function over form. In my world, the purpose of design is to support and enhance words. Not the other way around. Is your web designer still using the Latin filler text "Lorem Ipsum?" Then Houston, we've got a problem. With my background in art, it's not uncommon for me to sketch out a wireframe while we're talking about your new eCommerce site. Or scratch our a rough idea for your company's new brand mark.


Branding isn't your logo. My branding approach is practical, and cost-effective. Sure, sometimes a complete brand identity system is needed and compensation is rendered accordingly. In other cases, I advise my Clients to use the logo they bought off Fiverr. Nowadays there's too much emphasis placed on visual branding or "brand marketing." Startups are lured into "going upmarket" and risk losing their business. Words are free.


All roads lead to Rome. Eventually, your would-be customers that saw your Facebook Ads, Instagram Stories or programmatic display ads will find their way to your website. And when they do, what's the goal? Failing to clarify this is the number one mistake of small businesses. SMB's approach me every day and insist they "advertising on Facebook." I turn them away. Websites are a marketing engine. Not artwork.


How many times do you think your potential customer needs to see your messaging before they convert? Five? Six? Statistically it's about eight times. I've designed hundreds of content pieces for top, middle and bottom of funnel collateral. Marketing fundamentals begins with a high-conversion funnel. Sadly, this is the part when most startups and anxious business owners give up. They don't execute the funnel.

Are you stuck at the crossroads between a business or marketing challenge?

Save Hours Of Wasted Time

Book a call. Get help.

Ask me about: from-scratch marketing campaigns, brand strategy, writing compelling web copy (storytelling), SEO, sales funnels, conversion-centered design, CRO, Google Analytics reporting, & GTM tracking. If I didn’t mention your topic, shoot me an email first.

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Recently Launched Podcast

The Output Stream Project

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The Output Stream Project (TOSP) has been growing quietly for two years. It’s both a podcast and an email newsletter. Years ago I created a workflow system that’s part note-taking, and part accountability modeling. When you unpack it, it’s much more than that.

It’s information processing through categorization.

Someone suggested I share my system. So I did. I received a lot of positive feedback.

The Output Stream Project is my ode and birdsong to digital agency life. In the show, I talk about what it takes to keep from burning down your barn. I write about it on Substack and release podcasts daily, with special guest episodes on Fridays.


Business Accounting

One of the biggest mistakes I made as an agency founder was not mastering Small Business Accounting early. If you're selling services, consider this an official warning. Seek financial advice early. Contact me if you're looking for advise on how to charge for the services you're providing.

Speaking Gigs

As Coronavirus loosens its grip, I'm on the lookout for some local speaking opportunities in the Tucson, Arizona area. To kick things off, I created a Meetup Group called "Professional Thinkers: Tucson Strategy Group." Search it on your phone and you'll find it. If you think I'd be a good speaker for your next conference, reach out on my Contact Page.

Personal Growth

I'm haunted by character growth. I'm obsessed with being a better human being. In 2016 I created an organization called The Mentorship Group. The program demonstrates with data, that by focusing on your core goals rather than to-do lists, success occurs without chasing it.


One of the best ways to truly learn something and retain the information is to teach it. That's why I love hosting workshops. It provides an opportunity to share and collaborate on projects that are better suited for groups. Workshops I've hosted in the past were: how to do secondary marketing research correctly and web development lifecycles.

Coffee & Consulting

I'm a caffeine junky. I'm always looking for an excuse to head to my nearest café and sample their latest roasts. It's also a great time to casually chat about some ideas you've been bouncing around in your head. Tell me about your latest business and marketing ideas. Feedback incoming.

Outdoor Life

Being from Asheville, North Carolina, I learned to love the great outdoors from a very young age. Backpacking the Appalachian Trial was a common occurrence. I never expected to land in the southwest desert. But here I am. I'm a frequent adventure traveler and love getting outside. Nature is therapy. If you agree, give me shout.

I like you already.

Let the roasting begin. 🔥