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I'm on a vision quest of GIVING. May I walk a mile with you?

Things I Talk About

I publish content that I would like to read and consume. It's straight forward, honest, and easy to understand.

How I Grow

I'm haunted by growth. Not monetary growth. Character growth. I'm obsessed with being a better human being.

Where I Publish

If there's a digital media platform, I've probably published content on it. Except TikTok. I don't post to TikTik.


Let's Break it Down

In the last 10 years of my career, I went from coding websites in a guest room closet to being part of something much bigger: the creative lead strategist at a bona fide digital marketing agency. It’s also cool that I founded it back in 2015.

I’ve had the privilege to work along side industry giants. Far better than my strategy or creative will ever be. You know who you are.

That’s why the time has come for me to push the envelope. Expand into the unknown regions. Time to teach, and be taught. Time to leave the zones of comfort, for the uncomfortable. 

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Things In My Wheelhouse

Desert Trekking

You didn't think I could remain completely about business on my personal website, did you? If you live in Arizona & backpack or hike, then contact me! Hiking is therapy.

Accounting & Finance

The biggest mistake I made as an agency founder was not mastering Small Business Accounting early. If you sell services, you've been warned. Seek financial advice early.

Teaching & Workshops

I want to help you. YOU. Ask me anything. From note-taking productivity hacks to project flow. IRL groups took a hit. Do you know of any apps similar to Meetup?

Marketing Strategy

Most marketing plans suck. I don't want yours to suck either. Part of my mission is to expose the ridiculous marketing jargon for what it really is. CRINGY and misleading.

Coffee Consulting

Need to bounce some ideas around? Let's chat over a cup of coffee about your brand's strategy or content approach. Any excuse for coffee is good. Virtual is OK too.

Conference Speaking

As Coronavirus loosens its grip, I'll host some online Q&A's as well as in-person, open group discussions centered on a business, financial or marketing topic.

About Me

Strategist, Author, Mentor, Speaker.

Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs. Here, I will honor my voice. I will be kind, but honest. Some things I publish might offend you; in fact it probably will. Please accept my apologies in advance. While I may sound harsh or insensitive, I’m trying to learn how to truly love the person that I was created to be – myself.

This is my journey now, and you can come too. That’s why I created a non-profit organization called The Mentorship Group. In the group, we help each other.

"There are many things that I believe that I shall never say. But I shall never say the things that I do not believe."

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Multimedia Project

The Output Stream Project

This project has been brewing for two years. One of my colleagues suggested I should give tutorials on my note-taking flow, brainstorming sessions, or strategy. But it’s more than that. The Output Stream is my ode to agency life, and what it takes not to catch fire. I write about it on Substack and release a weekly podcast with some killer interviews.

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